Room Selection 2024 FAQ

Room selection provides students the opportunity to select their roommate(s) as well as their room/apartment for the upcoming academic year.

Who Can Participate?

To participate you must be an eligible candidate and complete the housing contract for room selection by the deadline:

(1) Eligible Candidates:

  • Current undergraduate students living on-campus.
  • Current Syracuse Abroad students who lived on-campus during the Fall 2023 semester.
  • Current LA, DC, or NYC program students who lived on-campus during the Fall 2023 semester.
  • New Fall 2024 student (referred to as a ‘Pull In’)
    • New SU first-year students
      • May be indicated as future roommates by students who have not fulfilled their 2-year housing requirement.
      • May ONLY be pulled in as roommates in designated locations.
    • New SU transfer students
      • May be included as future roommates in any undergraduate housing locations.

(2) Submit the Housing Contract for Room Selection (available on the Housing Portal beginning February 6):

  • Deadline: March 13 by 5 pm
  • March 14 through March 29: Contract remains live, but students who missed the March 13 deadline will not be able to fully participate in room selection and will not be eligible for the LLC round or the random roommate process.
  • March 29: Room selection closes. Students instead need to apply using the Returning Student application process beginning in mid-April. Students can no longer self-select the room assignments and are subject to the remaining spaces available.

(3) You must not have a current on-campus assignment:

  • Once you have a room assigned, whether submitted by you or your matched roommate(s), your participation in Room Selection ends.

How Do I Participate?

Room Selection takes place within the housing portal. The housing portal is accessed through MySlice, then Student Resources, and finally ‘Housing and Meal Plans’. While Room Selection is ongoing, you will see the ‘Room Selection’ menu option on the left-navigation menu.

When Do I Participate?

Selection times within each round of room selection are randomly assigned and posted to the housing portal the business day prior to the selection round start date. You will not be able to see your selection time sooner than when it is posted.

Times are completely random and are not able to be changed once generated. Students who complete the housing contract after the campus-wide time allocation has been completed will receive an appointment time at the end of the round. Make certain to complete your housing contract by the deadline to ensure your information is received on time!

  • Living Learning Community Round
    • March 19 – Appointments posted  and Roommate Selection opens
    • March 20 – Room Selection Process
  • Campus-Wide Round
    • March 22 – Appointments posted and Roommate Selection opens
    • March 25 through March 29 – Room Selection Process (appointment determines day/time access is granted by student)

How Do I Select A Roommate?

Utilize My College Roomie (MCR) as a resource to help locate compatible roommates. (Note: If you already know who you plan to live with you can skip this step!)

Once you know your roommate plans are in place, you will need to request/confirm one another within the Housing Portal (not within MCR). The Roommate Selection process access becomes prior to the selection round start date (see schedule above). It remains open throughout Room Selection in case changes to roommate groups need to be made.

Please review the provided visual guide on how to select/confirm your roommate within the Housing Portal.

Important Roommate Group Information

  • Under the Room Selection menu option in the Housing Portal, choose ‘Select Roommates’ and then select the Fall 2024 term. (Room Selection menu is enabled starting March 19)
  • Roommate Search:
    • Enter the email address of your roommate(s) and click search.
    • You will only be able to select roommates that are part of the Room Selection Round you are participating in.
  • Request Roommate:
    • Once you locate your roommate(s) via the portal, click Request Roommate. They will receive an email indicating you requested them with instructions on how to confirm the request.
    • The names of roommates you have selected as well as the status of the request are displayed within the Roommate Requests section.
    • You can use the ellipsis (three dots) next to the name of your requested roommate to open the action menu. From here you can email the student or remove the request.
  • Confirming requests:
    • If someone requests you as a roommate you will see the request under the Pending Roommate Requests section. Click the ellipsis (three dots) next to the name to open the action menu. From here you can accept/add or remove/decline the request, or email the student.
  • Matched Roommate Groups:
    • Once you and your roommates have confirmed one another, you are a roommate group.
    • All individuals in the roommate group must request/confirm one another prior to room selection.
      • Example: If your roommate group size is 4 students (yourself plus three roommates), you will have three matched roommates listed on the portal.
      • Your roommates must all also have three matched roommates listed.
    • Your roommate group must match your room capacity during room selection. This means you must be in a group of 4 total students to select a 4-person suite or a group with one other student to select a double room.
      • If during room selection, the available rooms do not match your roommate group, you will need to adjust your group to fit within another available space. (e.g., If the plan was to room in a 4-person suite and none are available, your group should have a contingency plan in place to know how you would split the group into two double groupings.
    • The roommate selection guide provides visual examples of the screens you will encounter during the roommate selection process.

How Do Appointments Work?

Each student is given their own selection date and time. The times are randomly generated and are not able to be changed once assigned.

How Do I Select A Room?

Make sure that you meet all three criteria outlined above to participate (eligible candidate, housing contract submitted by deadline, and no current room assignment)

Once your appointment time starts you will have access to selection until the end of the round, or until you are assigned to a room by you or your roommate, whichever comes first. If you are an LLC Round student and you do not select during that round, you will be included in the Campus-Wide round.

Please review the provided visual guide on how to select your room within the Housing Portal.

Important Room Selection Information

  • Because each member of a roommate group will have their own personal appointment time assigned, the student in a roommate group with the earliest time will have the first opportunity to select for the group.
    • They are not required to be the one that selects but they will have access first which may mean access to more options for the group.
  • Roommate groups should talk about their plan for room selection so all members are clear about selection.
  • Once any member of the group selects and confirms the selection, the assignment is final for all students in that group, and access to room selection is removed.
  • Talk together as a group and have a plan and a backup plan.
    • Your group should discuss and prioritize a list of room options (and room type options) before your selection to make searching for available rooms easier.
    • A list of rooms included in each room selection round will be made available on our website but is subject to change.
    • It is likely your first choice may not be available. As a group, discuss backup plans that work for everyone so no one is left out.

The Room Selection Process:

  • Under the Room Selection menu option in the housing portal, choose ‘Select a Room’. (Room Selection menu is enabled starting March 19)
  • Use the ‘Find Available Rooms’ button to pull a list of all available rooms that match the size of your roommate grouping.
    • If you do not see available rooms it is because there are none remaining for your group size. You may need to adjust the size of your group (adding or removing roommates) for rooms to become available.
    • The list is in alpha order by residence hall (or by street for south campus apts.) followed by the room within the hall (or building & apartment number for south campus apts.).
  • Once you select a room, you will be required to assign beds within the room to everyone in the roommate group (except for singles). Set the bed assignments using the drop-downs.
    • Roommate groups should discuss bedroom arrangements ahead of the group’s selection time. Read on for additional information about South Campus bedroom layouts.
  • Once your room is chosen and all beds are assigned, use the ‘Submit Room Selection’ button to finalize your selection.
    • Once clicked, your selection is final and you are done with the room selection process.
    • All members of the roommate group will receive a system email notification of their assignment.
    • Your home screen will display your assignment along with your room/apartment number, bed assignment, and roommate(s) name(s).
  • The room selection guide provides visual examples of the screens you will encounter during the roommate selection process.

South Campus Apartment Layouts:

Bed assignments for south campus apartments are assigned specific bedrooms with specific keys upon check-in.

2-Bedroom townhouse apartment floorplans (Chinook, Farm Acre, Lambreth, Small, & Winding Ridge):

    • Bed 1 is the back bedroom; Bed 2 is the front bedroom.

Slocum Heights 2-bedroom apartments:

    • As you enter the hallway, Bed 1 is the bedroom to the left; Bed 2 is the bedroom on the right.

3-bedroom apartments:

    • Bed 1 is the back bedroom; Bed 2 is the front left bedroom; Bed 3 is the front right bedroom.