Meal Plan Eligibility / Requirements

The chart below should be used to understand what meal plans a student is eligible for and required to be on.

Meal PlanResidence Hall 1st Year Residence Hall 2nd Year Residence Hall 3rd/4th YearSkyhall ResidentsSouth Campus Apartment/Off Campus Residents
Orange Unlimited Plan (+$200 Meal Plan Dining Dollars)
Blue Unlimited PlanXXXX*X*
Block 220 Plan (+$200 Meal Plan Dining Dollars)XXXX*X*
Block 130 Plan (+$200 Meal Plan Dining Dollars)XXX*X*
Block 85 Plan (+$200 Meal Plan Dining Dollars)XX*X*
Deluxe Dining Dollars Plan ($1200 Meal Plan Dining Dollars)XX
Value Dining Dollars Plan ($500 Meal Plan Dining Dollars)X
No meal plan required X

*Students are eligible to sign up for these plans but should keep in mind that meal swipes are only accepted at north campus dining center locations.

To learn more about each meal plan, visit the Meal Plan options page.