Fast Lane Hand Scanners

Our fast lane hand scanners put your meal plan at the palm of your hands!

Students on the unlimited or block plans may use the hand scanners.

Stop into 111 Waverly, Suite 111 during business hours to register your hands to get into the dining halls even faster.

  1. What is the primary goal for the office to implement hand screening technologies in the dining halls?
    • The primary goal is to facilitate a quicker, contactless entrance into campus dining centers. It will also decrease wear and tear on SUIDs, increasing the lifespan of the cards.
  2. What kind of biometrics will be collected?
    • No biometrics will be collected. The technology in use at the dining centers uses a mathematical representation of a hand scan to turn the scan into a coded file.
  3. How does the office store, utilize, and protect students’ biometrics information?
    • The Housing, Meal Plan, and I.D. Card Services office does not store biometric data. Instead, the system is using a mathematical representation of a person’s biometrics data, which is impossible to reverse engineer back into the original hand scan.