Meal Plan & ‘CUSE Cash Frequently Asked Questions

Which meal plans am I eligible for? 

Eligibility depends on your class year and housing selection. Please visit our eligibility page for a complete rundown of which plans you are eligible for. 

How will I know how many meals I have remaining each semester? 

To track the number of meals remaining on your plan, you can use either the GET app or GET website to check the number of meals you have left.  Students on the unlimited meal plan will not have a value set for number of meals remaining.

Where on campus can I use my block plan swipes? 

Block plan swipes are accepted at any of the campus dining centers (Ernie Davis, Sadler, Shaw, Graham, and Brockway), Goldstein Food Hall, and the Inn Complete

Am I able to use my block plan swipes at Schine Dining?  

No, you will need to use either Meal Plan Dining Dollars or ‘CUSE Cash at Schine Dining.

Meal swipes at campus dining centers offer the greatest flexibility for students’ course schedules and engagement activities because they are open continuously during posted hours of operation, seven days a week. The menus are vast and varied, including vegan, gluten-free, kosher, halal and more, they change from day to day and week to week, providing an unlimited selection of choices. Dining Dollars and ‘CUSE Cash are used in all other dining locations, such as Dunkin’, Core Life, Halal Shack, Panada Express, Tomato Wheel, Starbucks, and a wide variety of cafes throughout the campus, which have defined menu options based on popularity and trends.

Do meal swipes from my block plan carry to the next semester?  

No, meal swipes from your block plan are for one semester only and will not roll to a future semester. 

Can I use multiple swipes from my block meal plan during the same meal period? 

Yes, you may use multiple swipes during the same meal period. 

Can I add more Meal Plan Dining Dollars? 

No, Meal Plan Dining Dollars cannot be replenished once they have been spent for the semester. If you would like to add more funds to your account, you should add ‘CUSE Cash, which can be spent at all locations where Meal Plan Dining Dollars are accepted (see below).  

Where on campus are Meal Plan Dining Dollars accepted? 

Meal Plan Dining Dollars are accepted at Schine and Goldstein Student Centers, all campus cafés, the Inn Complete, campus convenience stores, and all dining centers. For more detailed information, please visit the participating locations page.

Do Meal Plan Dining Dollars roll to the next semester? 

No, Meal Plan Dining Dollars are for one semester only and will not roll to a future semester. 


Who is eligible for an unlimited plan?

Any student is eligible to have the unlimited plan.  All first- and second-year students living in a North Campus residence hall are required to have the unlimited meal plan.  

Why do all students on North Campus have the same meal plan? 

The unlimited meal plan is new on the Syracuse University campus, only introduced in 2022. Previously, the University offered several tiers of meal plans, based on a certain number of meals per week or per semester. When providing feedback on the old system, students and their families often expressed confusion over the number of meal plan options, “rationing” meals toward the end of the semester, and the perceived value of each meal.

With the assistance of a nationally-recognized college meal plan consultant, the Office of Housing, Meal Plan, and I.D. Card Services conducted stakeholder meetings and student focus groups over the course of several months, which guided planning for the new system. We worked hard to create new plans that fit our students’ wants and needs – and ultimately, we felt the introduction of the unlimited plan simplified the meal plan process and added flexibility for students.

Can I use my unlimited meal plan to bring a guest to a dining center?

Yes, the unlimited meal plan comes with 10 guest meals per semester.


Where on campus is ‘CUSE Cash Accepted? 

‘CUSE Cash is widely accepted on campus. You can use ‘CUSE Cash at all Food Services locations, the Campus Store, convenience stores, Dome concessions stands and shops, vending machines, and more. For more detailed information, please visit our participating locations page.

How do I add funds to my ‘CUSE Cash account? 

Students may add funds to ‘CUSE Cash through the GET app, GET website, or their Housing Self-Service portal on MySlice.