2024-25 Room Rates

Room TypeRate (per student per semester)
Regular Single5900
Large Single/Single with Bath6500
Split Double/Large Open Double5500
Open Double5000
Open Double with Bath5500
Large Open Double (with Bath)5700
Modern Open Double (with Bath)7200
Open Triple4175
Modern Open Triple (with Bath)7000
1- person suite (Haven Hall)7000
2-person suite (Haven Hall)6500
2- person suite with bath (Haven, Washington Arms & Watson Halls)6500
3-person suite with Bath (Washington Arms)5900
Suites (all other locations)5650
1-bedroom apartment (1 student per apartment)6900
2-bedroom apartment (2 students per apartment)6400
3-bedroom apartment (3 students per apartment)5950
Modern Studio (1 student per apartment)8200
Modern 1-bedroom apartment (1 student per apartment)8500
Modern 2-bedroom apartment (2 students per apartment)8000
Modern 4-bedroom apartment (4 students per apartment)7850

Residence Halls

All University residence halls remain open for Thanksgiving and spring break.  Halls close for the semester break.  A meal plan is required for all students living in residence halls.

Apartment Housing

Apartments are fully furnished with all utilities included.  South Campus Apartments remain open for Thanksgiving, spring, and semester breaks (South Crouse apartments will close for semester break).  A meal plan is not required for South Campus Apartment students. South Crouse Apartment students have a minimum meal plan requirement.

Cable and Internet Service Fee

The University assesses all on-campus residents a $230 service fee per semester.  This fee is levied by the Office of Telecommunications and provides all on-campus residents with standard cable television, and internet/WiFi services.