Meal Plans

students in dining hall

How does your meal plan work?

The meal plan week starts Thursday morning at breakfast and runs through Wednesday evening at dinner. Within that period of time, students may eat whatever meals they’d like at any dining center as long as long as their maximum number of meals is not exceeded. Each Thursday morning the SU I.D. card is automatically loaded with the amount of meals purchased according to the established plan. Our dining centers are “all you care to eat” with one meal plan swipe.

You may also use your meal plans at additional locations as a meal plan equivalency.

Guest Meals

Each meal plan also comes with an established number of guest meals. These meals are to be used to purchase meals for guests. They may also be used to supplement a meal plan if the number of allotted meals has been reached for any given week.


Premium Plan – any 21 meals per week and 26 guest meals per semester
Deluxe Plan – any 21 meals per week and 24 guest meals per semester
19 Meal Plan – any 19 meals per week and 18 guest meals per semester
14 Meal Plan – any 14 meals per week and 15 guest meals per semester
10 Meal Plan – any 10 meals per week and 9 guest meals per semester
7 Meal Plan – any 7 meals per week and 6 guest meals per semester
5 Meal Plans – any 5 meals per week and 5 guest meals per semester

FOOD Funds

Each meal plan also comes with an established amount of FOOD funds. Please refer to “Meal Plan Rates” for specific dollar amounts associated with each plan.