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What is ‘CUSE Cash?

‘CUSE Cash is a declining balance cash account that provides access to food, goods, and services through the SU I.D. card. This account is separate from the funds that come with your meal plan and must be established each academic year. ‘CUSE Cash account balances carry over from fall semester to spring semester. After Commencement each year, unused ‘CUSE Cash balances will be credited to the student’s bursar account.

Where can I use ‘CUSE Cash?

You can use ‘CUSE Cash at nearly every point of sale on campus. Visit our participating locations page for the most up-to-date list. In response to student feedback, ‘CUSE Cash will come to off-campus locations beginning in January 2024. Initially, ’CUSE Cash will be accepted at several near-campus dining locations, including Bistro 1926, the casual lunch, dinner and late-night restaurant at Drumlins Country Club, and Sitrus on the Hill, a casual lunch and dinner restaurant at the Sheraton Hotel. Additional off-campus locations will be announced in early 2024.


How to I check my ‘CUSE Cash balance?

You can check your ‘CUSE Cash balance on the GET mobile application or the GET website.

Adding funds to ‘CUSE Cash:

If you are looking to add funds to your ‘CUSE Cash account, you can add money in the following ways:

GET Mobile App:
‎GET Mobile on the App Store apple.com
GET Mobile: Campus ID Card Management – Apps on Google Play


GET Website


Charge to Student Account in Housing Self Service via Myslice 


  • Students cannot have more than $5000 in their ‘CUSE Cash account at any given time.
  • After Commencement each year, funds left on a student’s ‘CUSE Cash account will be refunded to their bursar account.
  • Students may make no more than three deposits a day to their account using the GET website or mobile application, with a $500 maximum per deposit.