Room Changes and Pull in Requests

During COVID-19, room changes and room pull in requests can only be completed within the residence hall the student currently resides in. Thank you for your understanding while we work to keep our community safe.

Room Changes

If a student is interested in changing rooms, they are able to request to be moved. We encourage all students to first connect with their Residence Director (RD) prior to making a decision about moving. The directory information of your building’s staff can be found at the Office of Student Living website. RD’s can be helpful in guiding students to mediate a situation before a move may be needed. We always remind students moving doesn’t solve all problems. If the student does decide they want to move, they should submit an application to do so.

  • Students can complete an online request to be considered for a room relocation.
  • This request can be found in the students’ Housing, Meal Plan self-service on MySlice account and is called “Room Relocation Request.”
  • Once the request is completed, a staff member will reach out to the student when there is an available space or the staff member would like to meet to discuss the reason for moving further.

Please note, there is no guarantee we will be able to move the student. Moves can only happen with appropriate vacant spaces are available.

Pull in Requests

If a student has an opening within their room, they are able to request a roommate of their choice to move in. This is called a pull in. Students can visit MySlice under the Housing, Meal Plan self-service to complete a pull in request. Both the student with the opening and the student who is looking to move in should complete this request. Once both pull in requests have been completed and matched, a Housing staff member will reach out to coordinate the final steps in completing the move.

Remember, a student may receive an assigned roommate at any time if there is an opening within their room. Once a roommate is assigned to the open space, a pull in request can no longer be completed.