Transfer Students


Syracuse University has approximately 8,200 on-campus beds available for its students. Housing priority is given to students who are required to live in University-owned and operated property, incoming first-year students, and a limited number of transfer students. Transfer students live on South Campus, both in the Skyhalls in double rooms as well as apartments.  Meeting other transfer students will provide you with an opportunity to navigate the campus together.

Once a transfer student matriculates to Syracuse, within one week, you will receive an email from the Housing Office encouraging you to apply for housing. Since there are a limited number of beds available, applying early is strongly encouraged. Beds are typically filled by early June for the following fall semester. Our website will be updated once we have filled all of our transfer spaces.

Transfer students residing in the Skyhalls are required to take advantage of one of our University meal plans, as are all students living in residence halls. Meal plan flexibility is based on your class standing. Students living in South Campus apartments are not required to have a meal plan, as each apartment is equipped with a full kitchen.

Transfer students should be sure to familiarize themselves with several important dates related to living in University housing. Our online calendar of important dates is continuously being updated and will help to keep new students informed of any upcoming deadlines related to housing and/or meal plans. Also, remember to keep your email account up-to-date as the Housing, Meal Plan, and ID Card office uses email as an official line of communication with students. We use email to send updates and notifications regarding the room selection process, relocation opportunities, and meal plan change deadlines.