Submit / Update your SUID Photo

Your SU I.D. card will serve as your official University identification and will provide you access to residence halls, dining centers, snack operations, athletic facilities, library privileges, vending machines, laundry services and the SU Bookstore.

Follow the steps below to insure that your permanent SU I.D. will be waiting for you at your residence hall or South Campus apartment check-in for the Spring semester. This process is for new students only, returning students should use the ID Card they have been previously issued.

How do I submit an SUID Photo?

  1. Activate your e-mail address. This is the only address you can use for this process. To access your official e-mail address, you must obtain your NetID. To do so go to the NetID website at NetID. If you have questions about your e-mail account, contact Information Technology Services at 315/443-2677 or
  2. Log into the GET website
  3. Under quick links, click on “Upload ID Photo” and follow the on screen instructions
    • When taking a photo, we ask you please keep the following in mind:
      • Color photo with no filters
      • Full face or front view
      • A solid color background
      • The ID card holder should be the only person present in the picture
      • No hats or headgear except when worn for religious reasons
      • Try to avoid reflections in your glasses
      • No editing or alterations to photos
  4. Once uploaded your photo will be sent for administration approval.

We reserve the right to refuse to use any photo that we deem inappropriate. All photos will be digitally stored for University use only.