Each year, new students (first-year and transfers) occupy approximately 3,500 beds within our residential facilities located on North and South Campus. All first-year students will reside within North Campus residence halls while new transfer students typically reside within our South Campus Skyhalls or South Campus apartments. Syracuse University requires students to reside on campus during their first two years of enrollment (however new transfer students are not required to live on campus, regardless of class standing).

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Your First Year at SU

Access to the University’s computing and network services is controlled by a unique personal identifier – the NetID. If you have not activated your NetID, please do so now! It’s simple to activate your NetID from your home computer. You will need your Syracuse University identification (SUID) number, which is included in your letter of admission.

MySlice is your secure virtual gateway to life at Syracuse, including access to your Admission Acceptance Form (AAF), advising, viewing the online course catalog, registering for classes, and accessing financial aid, tuition, housing and meal plan information and services. You can also configure MySlice to share ‘pieces’ of your access with others, such as your parents (click on “Share My Account”).

Official email accounts for students are established in a system called SUmail. This system provides students several powerful and convenient features. Syracuse University has established email as the primary vehicle for official communication with students, faculty, and staff. All University communications sent via mail will be sent to your SUmail address upon your matriculation to Syracuse. For more information on SUmail, visit the “new students” section of the ITS website.

Please review the photo submission page for instructions on how to submit your photo and obtain your SUID card.

Syracuse University provides housing for approximately 55 percent of our undergraduate students. Your advance tuition payment and advance housing payment must be submitted on time to ensure that on-campus housing is available to you. Once you have confirmed your admission to Syracuse, you will receive an email (typically within 3 business days) from the Housing, Meal Plan and I.D. Card Services office inviting you to apply for on-campus housing.

You may access your housing application on your self-service housing portal using the link that is emailed directly to your syr.edu email address. Once you submit your application, you will be able to make changes through May 31. Be sure to regularly check your syr.edu email address for important information.

By completing the online housing and meal plan application, you are expected to comply with the rules and regulations established in the University’s Housing Agreement. Please note: First- and second-year students are required to live in University housing.

It’s important to also note that your housing agreement is for the full academic year, although the room charge is paid by the semester. You are expected to live in your assigned room from the end of August until the middle of May, except for the academic recess between semesters. New students who are not required to live in University housing may cancel housing arrangements until June 1 (fall applicants) and January 1 (spring applicants). After that date, your housing commitment is financially binding.

Steps you must complete before gaining access to the online housing application:

  1. Accept your offer of admission by submitting the Admission Acceptance Form, your advance tuition payment of $500 and advance housing payment of $450 (if you plan to apply for University housing) by the date specified in your letter of admission.
  2. Activate your Syracuse University NetID and access your email account.
  3. The Syracuse University Housing Office will send an email to your syr.edu email account once your information is confirmed so that you can complete your housing application.

The Housing Office utilizes a roommate compatibility feature within your Housing Self-Service to assist first-year students in their search for a compatible roommate. 

Within your Housing portal, you will be able to complete a questionnaire that provides you with an opportunity to connect with fellow first-year students and to identify a roommate before arriving on campus. On this tab in the Housing portal, incoming students will be able to answer questions about their habits and hobbies, and select attributes to discover what they have in common with other new Syracuse students. 

To complete your Roommate Questionnaire,  you must: 

  • Complete your Admissions Acceptance Form (AAF), accessible on MySlice. 
  • Submit any applicable advance payments as noted on your AAF. 
  • Complete the Housing Application, accessible via the link sent to your syr.edu email.

You will have a few months after your admission to make a roommate selection. Keep in mind that as Spring goes on and more students commit to Syracuse, your pool of possible connections and roommates will grow. Make a point to return to the Roommate Matching section of the housing application to see what new connections are available. If you’re interested in a Living Learning Community (first-year students only), you will have the option to find other students with that same interest. 

  • Complete your Questionnaire in the Housing Portal promptly. 
  • Beginning March 1, students eligible to access their housing application will have access to select and confirm their chosen roommate within the application process. 
  • Please review the provided guide on how to find & match with roommates within the housing application on the Housing Portal.
  • If you opt not to select your roommate, a roommate will be assigned to you by the Housing Office. 
  • The deadline to request/confirm a roommate is Saturday, June 1 at 11:55 p.m. 

Defined as a need or condition that requires a student to have a modification to their physical living environment and/or meal plan. Students requesting housing accommodations must submit a request to the Center for Disability Resources (CDR) office. Accommodation examples could include a physical alteration to a room for medical or psychological needs, a specific space/room type, or various food options/restrictions that are medically necessary. The goal of an accommodation request is to allow the student to fully participate in the residential experience while remaining on campus. Students are encouraged to submit their requests as early as possible and no later than the CDR deadline.

Questions regarding how to submit a Housing Accommodation Request should be directed to the Center for Disability Resources (CDR) at 315.443.4498.

The majority of the incoming class will be placed randomly into open double and split double rooms. Some first-year students will be placed into 4-person rooms. Incoming transfer students are typically placed within open-double rooms and two- and three-person apartments. Housing is guaranteed for all first-year students but is not guaranteed for all transfer students. On-campus housing for transfer students is managed on a space-available basis until all allotted spaces have been filled. 

Housing assignments for new students cannot be confirmed until your health history and immunization records have been submitted to health care staff at the Barnes Center at The Arch. Please submit your records using the student patient portal. For more information, visit the New Student Programs website. 

New students residing in our residence halls are required to have a University meal plan.  Those new students residing in South Campus apartments are not required to choose a meal plan, as each apartment is equipped with a full kitchen. 

New students should also be sure to familiarize themselves with several important dates related to living in University housing. Our online calendar of important dates is continuously being updated and will help to keep new students informed of any upcoming deadlines related to housing and/or meal plans. Also remember to keep your syr.edu email account up-to-date as the Housing, Meal Plan, and I.D. Card operation uses email as an official line of communication with students. We use email frequently to send updates and notifications regarding the room selection process, relocation opportunities, meal plan change deadlines, etc. 

Housing assignments are typically communicated to first-year and transfer students in early-to-mid July. Please be sure to regularly check your syr.edu email address for the most up-to-date information. 

Transfer students who have completed fewer than 40 academic credits are encouraged to reside in University housing unless they are students with families or students who commute from the permanent home of their immediate family. Housing for new transfer students is on a space-available basis until all available spaces are filled. New transfer students typically reside within our South Campus Skyhalls and apartment community.

If your immediate family resides within the immediate Syracuse, NY area and you plan to commute from home, please complete the commuter application which is available through the housing self-service page. 

The Apartment and Off-Campus Student Living department provides all students living off-campus with support, information, and resource referrals throughout their off-campus housing or commuter experience. Students who opt for off-campus accommodations can visit the Student Living website to learn about the network of educational and community services available to them. 

New students can choose to be part of a learning community or interest housing option or be assigned housing randomly.

You are invited to become involved in one of the living and learning opportunities designed to complement and enhance your educational experience at Syracuse University. Many students find that these special opportunities help ease the transition to college life, providing them with a group of peers and friends who become like a family away from home. To learn more about the learning community options offered at Syracuse, visit the Living Learning Communities website.

Cancellations: Remember that first- and second-year students at Syracuse University are required to live in University housing. 

Not attending: Students who choose to not attend the University must contact the Office of Admissions to withdraw their acceptance. They must also contact our office at housing@syr.edu to cancel their housing application. Refunds of the $450 advance housing payment will not be made after July 1, 2024. 

Attending But Not Living in University Housing: Transfer students and returning students who have met their 2-year residency requirement may cancel their housing application and request access to the off-campus/commuter application by contacting our office by email at housing@syr.edu by July 1, 2024. 

Cancellation Deadline: The fall cancellation deadline is July 1, 2024. After July 1, all housing requests are financially binding, regardless of whether official confirmation of housing assignment has been communicated.