I.D. Cards

Fall Quad Students Walking Roof Hendricks Chapel Dome HBC

What is the SU I.D.?

The SU I.D. card is an identity tool for the safety and security of our campus. It serves as your official University identification and is property of Syracuse University. The card should be in your possession at all times and presented upon request to any University official requiring it. The SU I.D. card is non-transferable and may not be altered in any way.

The card is a one-card device used for a variety of campus services. Services include meal plan access, campus building access, recreation facility access (membership may be required), library access, and ‘CUSE Cash account access. When the SU I.D. card is inserted or swiped into a card reader the information is quickly scanned. The card reader then confirms or denies access to goods and services based upon previously established eligibilities.

The card

SU I.D. cards are “smart” cards. In addition to the magnetic stripe on the back of all SU I.D. cards, each card also contains a microchip and receiver antenna (proximity chip) for authorizing access controlled facilities.

Cardholders are responsible for keeping their SU I.D. card safe and in good working condition. The first card issued to students, and Syracuse/SUNY ESF faculty/staff is free of charge. Hole punching, bending, folding, or otherwise damaging the card, or losing the card by negligence, theft, or accident will result in a $25 fee for replacement.