Roommate Options for Room Selection

Complete your housing contract for room selection (available on February 6)!  Submit by March 13, 2024, for access to all housing opportunities.  Looking for a roommate? The sooner you submit, the sooner you are invited to join My College Roomie (MCR).  MCR gives you the tools to find compatible roommate(s) based on matching criteria.

Do I need to have a requested roommate to participate in room selection?

    • No, you do not need a requested roommate to participate if you are selecting a single room.  It is important to remember that single-room opportunities are limited and if you are interested in a room that has more than one occupant, it is strongly encouraged that you connect with other students to increase your options. During room selection, available rooms are displayed according to the size of your roommate grouping. You will only see one-person options unless you have a roommate group on the portal. Once all single rooms are gone, without a roommate group you will not see any available rooms when you search.

Do I need to have a requested roommate to participate in LLC room selection?

    • It is strongly encouraged that you connect with other students to increase your options. There are some LLC single rooms available but they are very limited.

How are rooms assigned when a roommate(s) is requested?

    • During room selection, students will need to fill a room to capacity.  This means for a student to select a 4-person suite they must have 3 mutually matched roommate requests. Whoever in the roommate group submits the room during room selection will indicate what room each student is assigned to. Discuss your plans together as a group on how to allocate spaces in suites and apartments.

What if I would prefer to be assigned a random roommate?

    • The housing office encourages all students to find roommates on their own however we understand this can oftentimes be difficult.
    • We strongly encourage you to utilize MCR to connect with other students who are also looking for a roommate. The potential for you and your roommate to be compatible is higher when students are in control of their roommate choices.
    • From February 6 through March 13 the housing contract will include an option to express interest in having a random roommate assignment.
      • If you expressed interest when completing the housing contract, the housing office will review your request to be assigned a random roommate. After the March 13 deadline, no random roommate requests are able to be accepted.
      • If you indicated that you were interested in being assigned a random roommate, our office will provide you the opportunity to select a 2-person accommodation ONLY. It is important to remember that this does not guarantee a 2-person assignment and is based solely on the availability of rooms at the time of your selection. Instructions about the random roommate process will be sent by email before your scheduled room selection round.