2023-24 Room Rates for all other students (prior to 2018)

Room TypeRate (per student per semester)
1-person suite (Haven Hall)7166
Large Single6421
Single with Bath6421
Regular Single5801
2-person suite (Haven Hall)6384
2-person suite with Bath (Washington Arms and Watson Hall)6384
3-person suite with Bath (Washington Arms)5812
Suites (all other locations)5549
Open Triple4085
Open Triple with Bath (Kimmel Hall)4085
Large Open Double with Bath (Washington Arms)5581
Corner Double5355
Large Open Double5355
Open Double with Bath5355
Split Double5355
Open Double4888
Skyhall Single5801
1-bedroom Apartment (1 student per apartment) South Campus6746
2-bedroom Apartment (2 students per apartment) South Campus6269
3-bedroom Apartment (3 students per apartment) South Campus5786