Housing Rates

exterior dorms


Residence Halls

All University residence halls remain open for Thanksgiving Break and Spring Break. Halls close for the Semester Break. A meal plan is required for all students living in residence halls.


Room-type Rate
(per student per semester)
1-person suite (Haven Hall) $5,775
Large Single $5,180
Single with Bath $5,180
Regular Single $4,680
2-person Suite (Haven Hall) $5,145
2-person Suite with Bath (Washington Arms and Watson Hall) $5,145
3-person Suite with Bath (Washington Arms) $4,690
Suites (all other locations) $4,475
Open Triple $3,295
Open Triple with Bath (Kimmel Hall) $3,295
Large Open Double with Bath (Washington Arms) $4,500
Corner Double (Lawrinson Hall) $4,320
Large Open Double $4,320
*Large Open Double with Bath (Sheraton University Hotel) $4,770
Open Double with Bath $4,320
Large Split Double $4,320
Split Double $4,320
Open Double $3,940
Skyhall Open Double $3,425
Skyhall Single $4,670

*Students must vacate the Sheraton University Hotel no later than May 9, 2018 at 12:00pm


South Campus apartments are fully furnished with all utilities included. Apartments remain open for Thanksgiving, Spring, and Semester Breaks. A meal plan is not required.


Apartment Rates
Room-type Rate
(per student per semester)
1-bedroom Apartment (1 student per apartment) $5,520
2-bedroom Apartment (2 students per apartment) $5,130
3-bedroom Apartment (3 students per apartment) $4,735


Cable and Internet Service Fee

With the exception of the Sheraton University Hotel, the University assesses all on-campus residents a $220 service fee per semester. This fee is levied by the Office of Telecommunications and provides all on-campus residents with standard cable television, and internet/Wi-Fi services.