Room Selection

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Eligible Returning Students

Room Selection is a process for eligible returning students to select their housing assignment for the next academic year through the housing self-service page via MySlice.

Here is a quick overview of Room Selection 2021:

  • Students will need to complete the housing contract which is available on the housing self service page via MySlice.
  • Participation in room selection.  Select a room during your preferred round.

Students are part of one of two groups.

  • ORANGE Status
    Students who have fulfilled their 2 year residency requirement.
  • BLUE Status
    Students still obligated to our 2 year residency requirement (Fall 2020 & Spring 2021 new first years and transfer freshmen).

Room Selection Processes:

  1. Living Learning Community Round:
    • Students must indicate on their Housing Contract for Room Selection that they wish to participate in Living Learning Community (LLC) selection.  Room(s) must be filled to capacity during selection.  LLC selection will include the following opportunities:  Indigenous LLC, International LLC, LGBTQ+ LLC, Upper-class Multicultural LLC, Substance Free Living Theme Housing, Whitman Leadership Scholars LLC (must be Whitman Leadership scholar), MORE in STEM (sophomores only).  Both ORANGE & BLUE may participate in this selection process.
  2. South Campus 2 & 3 Bedroom Apartment Round
    • Open to students who indicated they want to select an apartment on the Housing Contract for Room Selection.
    • Both ORANGE & BLUE may participate in this selection process.
  3. Campus Wide Round of all multiple person rooms and remaining apartments (must fill room to capacity).
    • Roommate selection will stay open for entire process.
    • ORANGE status students will only be able to select South Campus locations between all apartment types remaining and Skyhall singles.
    • BLUE status students will be able to select singles and multi-person rooms in Residence Halls and  remaining 2 & 3 bedroom South Campus apartments as well as Skyhall singles.

Have a plan.

  1. What types of rooms would you like to select. Keep options open as not all room types will be available at your selection time.
  2. Who do you plan to select as roommate(s).  Students once the  Housing Contract is completed will be invited to utilize My College Roomie (MCR) to connect with others in room selection who have completed their housing contract.  Please note this information is updated daily so you may need to wait 24 hours before you are able to access the MCR website to set up your profile.
    1. Returning students using My College Roomie (MCR) can utilize this tool to connect with others so that when roommate selection opens during room selection you are ready to make the roommate requests through the Housing self-service portal.  Please note you will be able to select multiple roommates to fill room types to capacity.
  3. Follow your status to know what options you have for selection.
  4. Make sure that you and your roommate(s) select one another (the entire group must match) to be eligible for certain room types.
  5. Each student in the group can log into room selection at their given time but only one student can/needs to select the room for the group.  Once the group is assigned no other selections can occur.
  6. Questions? Ask at the Housing Office, Don’t rely on word of mouth!

Additional information will be posted to this page so please come back and visit.