Roommate options for room selection

Complete your housing contract for room selection now!  Submit by March 17, 2022 for access to all housing opportunities.  Looking for a roommate? The sooner you submit, the sooner you are invited to join My College Roomie (MCR).  MCR gives you the tools to find compatible roommate(s) based on matching criteria.

Do I need to have a requested roommate to participate in room selection?

  • No, you do not need a requested roommate to participate if you are selecting a single room.  If you are interested in a room that has more than one occupant, it is strongly encouraged that you connect with others to increase your housing opportunities.

How are rooms assigned when a roommate(s) is requested?

  • During room selection, students will need to fill a room to capacity.  This means for a student to select a 4 person suite they must have 3 mutually matched roommate requests.

What if I would prefer to be assigned a random roommate?

  • The housing office will review your information if you have expressed interest in being assigned a random roommate. We strongly encourage you to utilize MCR to connect with other students who are also looking for a roommate. This helps to increase potential compatibility and allows you to be in control.
  • If you cannot connect with anyone, and you indicated that you were interested in being assigned a random roommate, we will provide you the opportunity to select a 2 person accommodation ONLY if available at your time of selection.  This is not a guaranteed option, it is based solely on the availability of rooms at the time of your selection.