2020-2021 Room Rates for all other students

These rates are for all students except those Matriculating Undergraduate Students Enrolled on or after Fall 2018.

Room TypeRate (per student per semester)
1-person suite (Haven Hall)$6280
Large Single$5630
Single with Bath$5630
Regular Single$5085
2-person suite (Haven Hall)$5595
2-person suite with Bath (Washington Arms and Watson Hall)$5595
3-person suite with Bath (Washington Arms)$5095
Suites (all other locations)$4865
Open Triple$3580
Open Triple with Bath (Kimmel Hall)$3580
Large Open Double with Bath (Washington Arms)$4895
Corner Double$4695
Large Open Double$4695
Open Double with Bath$4695
Split Double$4695
Open Double$4285
Skyhall Open Double$3720
Skyhall Single$5075
1-bedroom Apartment (1 student per apartment) South Campus$6000
2-bedroom Apartment (2 students per apartment) South Campus$5575
3-bedroom Apartment (3 students per apartment) South Campus$5145