Dining Halls

Shaw Hall

University meal plans may be used at any of our five dining centers located on North Campus and one on South Campus.


Brockway Dining Center

Brockway is located within the Boland/Brewster/Brockway complex

Graham Dining Center

Graham is located on Mount Olympus and is connected to Day and Flint Halls

Ernie Davis Dining Center

Ernie Davis is located within Ernie Davis Hall and is the University’s largest dining center

Sadler Dining Center

Sadler is located within Sadler Hall and is connected to Lawrinson Hall via a basement tunnel

Shaw Dining Center

Shaw is located within Shaw Hall and serves Kosher and Halal meals for both lunch and dinner


Goldstein Dining

Located within the Goldstein Student Center. Skyhall residents are able to use their meal plan as an equivalency with choices similar to those found in the North Campus dining centers.