2019-2020 Meal Plan Rates for Syracuse University Undergraduate Students Enrolled Fall 2018 and after

Meal PlanRate (per semester)FOOD funds included (per semester)Guest Meals Included (per semester)
Premium Meal Plan (21 Meals)$4635$68526
Deluxe Meal Plan (21 Meals)$4185$25524
19 Meal Plan$4000$20518
14 Meal Plan$3720$20015
10 Meal Plan$3180$1659
7 Meal Plan$2640$3306
5 Meal Plan$2070$4055
SUperfood Plan$1015$10150
SUperfood One Plan$3720$37200
SUperfood Two Plan$2640$26400
SUperfood Three Plan$2070$20700

Unused FOOD funds will carry over from Fall to Spring.  Unused FOOD funds at the end of the spring semester will be forfeited.