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I.D. Cards

Your SU I.D. card will serve as your official University identification and will provide you access to residence halls, dining centers, snack operations, athletic facilities, library privileges, vending machines, Carrier Dome and Schine Box Office event tickets, laundry services, Schine Copy Center and the SU Bookstore.

You are REQUIRED to electronically submit your picture for your SU I.D. Card - instructions on how to submit a picture can be found below. Please note that to ensure your card is waiting for you upon check-in at your residence hall in August we ask that your picture be submitted by June 30th.  The website to upload a picture is available May 2nd. Photo Upload Page

How to upload your photo:

  1. You must first activate your email address and NetID.
  2. Using your NetID and password you must log onto the Syracuse University Photo upload website (available May 2nd).
  3. Attach a digital photo that fulfills the following requirements:
    1. A high quality, clear, color photo with a plain background
    2. A front view of your whole face with no other people or animals in the photo
    3. Taken within the past 3 months
    4. Taken without a hat or dark glasses
  4. The photo must be in JPEG format and no more than 2 MB in size. Please note that you are only allowed to submit (1) photo. If we determine that the photo cannot be used then you will be notified with the option to send in another photo.

If for any reason you are unable to send a photo electronically, you can mail a photo to us. An acceptable photo should be wallet or passport photo size; a senior picture is acceptable. Please indicate your name, SUI.D. number, and status (SU, ESF, undergraduate, graduate) on a separate piece of paper and NOT on the back of the picture. This information should be mailed to Syracuse University, I.D. Services, 206 Steele Hall, Syracuse, NY 13244-1120.

We will still be able to process photos received after June 30 and before August 15 - however we can not guarantee that the ID will be waiting for you upon your check-in at your residence hall in August.

For questions about ID Cards - please call our Service Center at (315) 443-2721.


Housing Assignments are coming! Important items to keep in mind.

The first group of new student room assignments (for those who submitted their housing application prior to the June 1 published deadline) will be emailed to the student's email on July 15th. Once the housing assignment and roommate information is received, we encourage roommates to begin discussing what it will be like to live together. Discussion suggestions include:

  • Who is bringing what?
  • What will be shared?
  • Room standards-cleaniness, music, guests, etc.

It is important for you to know that may of our residence halls are undergoing renovations this summer. While we are excited for you to see the results, residence halls are considered "hard hat" areas, accessible only to the contractors. Please plan to tour the residential facilities in August during Syracuse Welcome. In the meantime, please visit our website in the weeks to come for helpful information pertaining to our residential facilities, meal plan options, and ID Card services.