Boland-Brewster - Brockway Halls

Boland-Brewster - Brockway Halls

401 Van Buren Street - Built in 1966

Brewster Hall houses 444 men and women on twelve floors. Boland Hall houses 315 men and women on eight floors. All rooms within Brewster and Boland are of single gender and the floors are coed by alternating rooms. Brockway Hall houses 27 men and women on one floor. Rooms within the building are of single gender and the floor is coed by alternating rooms. Brewster and Boland room types include singles, split doubles, triples, and four-person suites. The rooms in Brockway are open doubles and singles. Each room in Brockway is also carpet-free and air conditioned. The Brockway academic and activities center also contains the Brockway Dining Center, a large study area, and a computer cluster. Also included in the complex are a food court, laundry facility, small fitness center, and lounge/recreational space. 


Please note drawings are not to scale.

Brewster Floor Plans - Floor 1
Brewster Floor Plans - Floor 2
Brewster Floor Plans - Floor 3
Brewster Floor Plans - Floor 4
Brewster Floor Plans - Floor 5
Brewster Floor Plans - Floor 6
Brewster Floor Plans - Floor 7
Brewster Floor Plans - Floor 8
Brewster Floor Plans - Floor 9
Brewster Floor Plans - Floor 10
Brewster Floor Plans - Floor 11
Brewster Floor Plans - Floor 12
Boland Floor Plans - Floor 1
Boland Floor Plans - Floor 2
Boland Floor Plans - Floor 3
Boland Floor Plans - Floor 4
Boland Floor Plans - Floor 5
Boland Floor Plans - Floor 6
Boland Floor Plans - Floor 7
Boland Floor Plans - Floor 8
Brockway Floor Plan


Please note drawings are not to scale.

Brewster Hall single
Brewster Hall split double
Brewster Hall 4-person suite
Boland Hall single
Boland Hall split double
Brockway Open Double & Single

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